Problem with copy-pasting Latex equations into WordPress: No pasting – no posting

The main reason that I stopped posting  is that copy-pasting Latex equations from my files into WordPress produces the message “formula does not parse”.  I have to manually retype the formula in the WordPress edit window, and then Preview gives the correct result.  My formulas correctly work in all Latex processors, including TexShop, but they do not work in WordPress, unless I retype exactly the same formula.

Here is an examples:

This formula from my preexisting file,
\ddot x + \omega ^2 x + \lambda \,x (x^2  – y^2 ) = 0 ~~~\ddot y + \omega ^2 y + \lambda \,y (x^2  – y^2) =0 ,

I copied into WordPress, then I sandwiched it between  “$latex” and “$”, and obtained the result:

\ddot x + \omega ^2 x + \lambda \,x (x^2  - y^2 ) = 0 ~~~\ddot y + \omega ^2 y + \lambda \,y (x^2  - y^2) =0

When I retyped exactly the same formula, I obtained:

\ddot x + \omega^2 x + \lambda \,x (x^2 - y^2 ) =0,~~~\ddot y + \omega^2 y + \lambda \,y(x^2 - y^2)=0

Etc.,  etc.:  pasting formulas did not work, while retyping the same formulas did work.

Because I could not use my already existing Latex equations in WordPress, I was discouraged from producing new posts. It would have been too tedious to type all those equations again. Does anybody know how to copy latex equations into WordPress?


About Matej Pavšič

I am theoretical physicist at Jožef Stefan Institiute
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2 Responses to Problem with copy-pasting Latex equations into WordPress: No pasting – no posting

  1. amarashiki says:

    Dear, Matej.

    Good night from Spain!

    I have “bad news” (at least, from my experience). Free wordpress doesn’t like “copying”…If you use the FREE version of wordpress (without registered domain and server/web hosting), there are no solutions to that problem to my knowledge. Indeed, the MAIN reason to go further with my blog (including the “hard part” of having a domain, to register it, to search for a good web-hosting server, etc) was that problem since I wanted to write mathematics and LaTeX equations (of course, there were many others, but having to edit LaTeX code from the beginning is “a waste of time”, like you are now discovering! Now, I am very happy, despite I have reduced my blog-time (job and life are difficult) because with some plugins, and since I own in the “paid” version, I can use pure LaTeX code, use packages as if I were writing an article, and some other cool stuff (but I have limited time to these things)…I can also copy-paste what LaTeX I want to… Or even better, create my own shortcodes…

    I don’t know if you or your institutions can provide you aid for web-hosting services or help you to obtain a more advanced version of wordpress. I did it all alone…And, if you want to produce and leave here more of your great works, I highly recommend you this (upgrade your free wordpress account to a public domain PLUS find a web-hosting PLUS add good plugins). I could recommend you plugins if you decide to do “that quantum leap”. If not, maybe you could consider to ask some other bloggers how do they do with their equations. I presume than some bloggers including math on their blogs either make a capture/screenshot, or use something like mathJax (like Lubos Motl), or directly avoid using math (the most used option, something that I did not like too much; and I decided to include mathematics because there are FEW bloggers doing that, so my blog is special because people use math and not include LaTeX or avoid it…).

    If you want any other clarification, let me know. I will be pleased to answer if I know how…

    Best regards,


  2. Thanks for this explanation. I did not know that the free version has so restricted functionality that even pasting of equations is not possible. In descriptions of the I read that one can use Latex, but nowhere it was said that one cannot copy and paste equations into the blog. This I discovered myself when struggling with the “formula does not parse”. Now I created my profile on Google Blogger, where I intend to continue with posts that have equations. On Blogger I can paste Latex equations which are then correctly displayed by Mathjax script. I hope the this will suffice my needs.

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