Hello! This is Matej Pavšičs blog.

I am a theoretical physicist at Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia. I have been working on higher dimensional theories, strings, branes, braneworlds, and similar topics. In 1992 I met prof. Waldyr A. Rodrigues, jr., who introduced me into the fascinating subject of  Clifford algebras. A Clifford algebra is much more than usually taught in physics courses and textbooks. It is a tool for description of geometry. Moreover, it enables to extend the existing theoretical physics into so far unexplored domains.

In this blog I plan to say something about  different pieces of the big puzzle, the unification of fundamental particles and forces,  and about my view on how they could possibly be fit together. I hope to be able to demonstrate, why Clifford algebras might be a crucial clue.

Header picture:  Katja Pavšič, Spain, 2010

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